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To champion the election and appointment of Democrats, especially women, to public office and to advocate for policies consistent with the platform of the Democratic Party.



Membership keeps track of current members and at the monthly meeting, checks in attendees, ensures that we have a quorum and that new members are recognized. If you'd like to help out, join the Membership Committee and help us out with meeting registration! It's a great way to get to know your fellow  DWMC members, honored guests, and elected officials and candidates! 


Issues and Resolution is looking for volunteers to gather and consolidate information that will help women make the decision to run for office and, once decided, run an effective campaign in Mecklenburg County.  We will interview candidates who have run and held office and experienced DWMC members who have worked on campaigns in Mecklenburg County.  The committee will assemble and package this know-how and wisdom for those running for office.  People who can interview and write and record interviews are needed as well as all interested members, especially those with marketing backgrounds.



The Hospitality Committee (HC) is defined by its name — to create an environment of inclusion and comfort, where everyone feels welcomed. The HC meets once a month in the evening. Its members provide Greeters who wear specific DWMC Hospitality buttons and welcome attendees at each Monthly General Meeting with a smile. The HC also contacts a few DWMC and Associate members prior to each meeting to bring refreshments, arrives early at each General Meeting and sets up the Refreshment Table. When the HC learns about sick or bereaved Members, it sends appropriate cards on behalf of the DWMC along with a handwritten message. The HC works with the second Vice-President to partner new Members with veteran Members to acclimate them to the DWMC and help create a sense of inclusion. The HC also coordinates food and drink for the annual Holiday Party and assists at any other special DWMC events, as needed.



Mecklenburg County has 195 Precincts, which are the grassroots organization of the Democratic Party. The 3rd VP of the Democratic Women of Mecklenburg County is tasked with assisting the officers of the Mecklenburg County Democratic Party in organizing Precincts so the voices of all registered Democrats are heard. Each Precinct elects officers, develops resolutions and sends delegates to the annual County Convention. We need your help in organizing your Precincts and helping to organize other Precincts. The Precincts are also expected to help register voters, staff the polling sites during an election, make a donation to the sustaining fund of your Precinct, and GET OUT THE VOTE (GOTV). By increasing the number of Democratic voters, we can get more Democrats elected and adopt platforms and policies that are consistent with our values.


Please consider volunteering and working with us to promote our Democratic platform, and, especially, help us elect women to public office. Our GOTV efforts will be focused on many different campaigns throughout the City, County, State and Nationally. We need your energy and your passion to keep America a vibrant democracy!



The Public Relations Committee and Internal Communications Committee work in tandem to keep our members and community informed about upcoming meetings, important events happening in our area, and issues and causes of significance in our local area, region, and the world.  We do this through a variety of social media, email, and telephone calls.  We welcome committee members interested in social media and website design and maintenance.  Our connections to each other and the world are what helps to keep the DWMC vibrant and relevant! 


Show Me the Money! The Ways and Means Committee coordinates and executes the annual Doris Cromartie Fundraising Gala and coordinates or assists in all other fundraising events sponsored by the DWMC.  The Doris Cromartie Fundraiser, traditionally held in August, raises funds for Mecklenburg County Democratic candidates running for local, state, and federal office, both legislative and judicial.  Committee members help with preparations for the Cromartie Fundraising Gala and serve as ambassadors at the event itself.  The committee seeks active and enthusiastic volunteers to make the DWMC's biggest fundraising event a success!


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