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We Are the Democratic Women of

Mecklenburg County

From Our President Connie Green-Johnson

The DEMOCRATIC WOMEN of MECKLENBURG COUNTY is the life of the Party! We have been a chapter for little over sixty-two years. Our members know our history and the many shoulders we stand on to help make our communities better through ADVOCACY and participating in the American process by VOTING. We have always raised money for Democratic candidates. We believe in all the tenets of the Democratic platform; investing in our public educational system, supporting our teachers, and standing up for access to a quality education for all children; preserving our environment and ensuring access to clean air and water; equal pay for equal work, raising the minimum wage, supporting the creation of quality jobs, and access to health care for all.

The members of the Democratic Women of Mecklenburg County are some of the most dedicated women that I have had the awesome opportunity to work with in my life. I feel privileged to be one of the many faces that represent the Democratic Women of Mecklenburg County. I say it loud and proud, I am honored to be among them!

I invite you to our monthly meetings and welcome you to join us in our efforts. There is power in numbers. If you have a hankering to make a difference in the lives of our citizens, you have found the right group of women.  We wear hats and heels and are ready to do the business of the people. Join us and be on the right side of history when written. It’s the ‘WOMAN’ moment in time, let’s not waste it.


As the President of the Democratic Women of Mecklenburg County in 2018, I am determined that we will identify, inspire, empower and support WOMEN DEMOCRATS to run for elected office.


“Nothing can dim the light which shines within.” - Maya Angelou (a resident of North Carolina for many years)

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